Tuesday, 10 December 2013

How to access stock recovery and wipe (factory reset) on Moto G

Here I will show you how to perform a wipe on Moto G even on bugged stock recovery. Remember that you may have bugged recovery where each option is just the line above.

 1) Firstly, go to bootloader mode:

a) Turn off the phone
b) When holding volume rocker down (Vol-) press power button

2) Turn on the recovery
Click 'Vol-' to scroll down the list to recovery and then 'Vol+' to select (you do not select with power)

3) To perform factory reset:
Select the wipe data/factory reset option. If it only wipes cache you have bugged recovery (When you try to do a wipe cache it will give you the option to install a package)

4) Wiping cache and factory reset on bugged recovery:
To do Wipe cache choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset
and to Wipe Data/Factory Reset choose Apply update via ADB

Q: I have "no command" error
A: Press volume up for 10 seconds and then just tap power button once and release both


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  2. i got "no command" error..... ur tips helped me to overcome that problem.... thank u

  3. Help Please. How can I restore my rooted Moto G XT1033 to stock firmware? It is currently running CM-11