Monday, 9 December 2013

Hello and welcome on Motorola Moto G blog

Welcome on Motorola Moto G blog,

here I am going to post tips and tutorials for Moto G. All of the Tutorials will be in english with many of them translated into polish with links to polish forum.

You can ask me questions in english, polish or french.

Have fun on modding your Motorola  Moto G,



  1. I just got the moto g from Verizon and I'm a prepaid plan i can't get mkbilhotspot can you help

    1. Do you mean mobile tethering (to sharemobile's Internet to computer) or you just can't connect to a router? If you mean the first one firstly check if the Internet works on the mobile phone. If not, you got to configure the APN's (go to Verizon website and find configuration).